Special Needs/OMA Registration: Structured Swim With Dolphins

Special Needs/OMA Registration: Structured Swim With Dolphins
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  • Location: Key Largo, FL
  • Product code: P9A9V9

In this deep-water program, guests experience the speed, power, and gentle precision of our Atlantic bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) via a variety of trained behaviors. Guests begin the program with an educational briefing, and acquire information concerning dolphin anatomy and biology, marine mammal and ocean conservation, and detailed descriptions of the dolphin interactions.

Following the briefing, swimmers are divided into smaller groups, in an effort to maximize and personalize each dolphin interaction. In this swim, guests are asked to enter a natural, ocean-water lagoon (12-15 feet deep) and tread water, while wearing a flotation vest. Guests take turns entering the water and interact directly with the dolphins. Each swimmer will experience fast-paced behaviors such as foot pushes and dorsal tows, participate in powerful bows over hoops and poles, interact with intimate behaviors such as handshakes, belly rubs, and kisses, and even test their skills as trainers, while giving the dolphins hand signals. A dolphin trainer guides the dolphins and the humans through a series of fun and exciting behaviors and directs each dolphin swim. Participants should plan on spending 1 to 1.5 hours at Dolphins Plus from arrival to departure. This includes the education, getting you ready, the encounter itself which is not timed and checking out through our photo department and gift shop.